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Mini Rotating Spindle H42RMRS..

Rotating/Indexing spindle for manufacturing of high precise small parts

Rotierspindel von Carl Hirschmann
Very compact rotating/indexing spindle designed for use on wire EDM and predestinated for manufacturing of smallest rotationally symmetrical parts. For mounting of work pieces we recommend adjustable clamping element H42-JMRS. Spindle is controlled by machine control system or by HIRSCHMANN controls H1625.AC3.1.
Mini-Rotierspindel H42RMRSH42RMRS_Montagemöglichkeiten

Product details for Rotary Spindle H42RMRS..

  • Type: H42RMRS..
  • Design: stainless steel /Aluminum
  • Dimensions approx. (BxTxH) ca. 210 x 100 x 50 mm
  • Face plate: (max. Ø10 mm)
  • Center height: 24 mm
  • Min. indexing step 0,010°
  • Positioning accuracy +/- 50" ,
  • Concentricity <0,003 mm
  • Speed of rotating max. 3000 U/min
  • Weight of workpiece max. 0,3 kg
  • Weight approx. 3 kg
  • Protection class IP68
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