Uniaxial, precise rotary indexing table for use on sinking and wire EDM. Adapted for weight of work piece up to 7000 kg.

FJR-800SSDP-02.jpg FJR-800SSDP-02_Z.jpg

Product details for Rotary Indexing Table FJR-500R..

  • Direct measuring system
  • Design: stainless steel body
  • Dimensions 1290 x 800 x 319mm
  • For vertical machining
  • Face plate Ø 800mm
  • System accuracy of encoder ± 5"
  • Concentricity ≤0,05mm
  • Axial run-out precision ≤0,01mm
  • Speed max. 2,8rpm
  • Weight of work piece max. 7000kg
  • Weight 1900kg
  • Protection class IP68