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Rotary Indexing Table FJRT100A..

Two-Axial Rotary Indexing Table with DC drive

Very compact two-axial rotary indexing table with DC drive for wire and sinking EDM and laser machining centers, can be equipped optionally with manual or pneumatic clamper.

Product details for Rotary Indexing Table FJRT100A..

  • Indirect measuring system for both axes
  • Design: body in aluminum
  • Dimensions approx. 262 x 150 x 155mm
  • Face plate Ø 100mm prepared for current clamping systems
  • Positioning accuracy ± 45"
  • Repetitive accuracy ± 10"
  • Concentricity ≤0,005mm
  • Axial run-out precision for rotating axis ≤0,005mm
  • Speed of rotating axis max. 12rpm
  • Weight of work piece max. 15kg
  • Weight approx. 20kg
  • Protection class IP68

Two-Axial Rotary Indexing Table with DC drive

More information and product details you can find in our product flyer.

Data sheet (PDF)
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