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Relubricatable heavy-duty Spherical bearings

Productseries SC..

Universal application at high alternating and shock loads in radial and axial directions. Suitable for large swings. Vmax = 60 m/min

Serie SC

Lieferbar ab Größe 5
Friction pairing: steel on heavy-duty bronze
Outer part: Free-cutting steel 1.0718, browned.
Bushings: Cu Sn 8
Inner ring: Roller bearing steel 100 Cr 6, material 1.3505, hardened, ground and polished.

Bearing slackness

Depending on size, between 0,01 and 0,09 mm radially.

 Tabelle Produktdetails Gelenklager Serie SC


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  • Hard-chromed inner ring:
    Order designation: SC xx IH
  • Stainless inner ring:
    Material 1.4034
    Order designation: SC xx IR

Sealed design

Sizes 8–30 can be supplied with replace­ able sealing sleeves
Specification sealded design (..2RS)

Threaded bolts for Spherical bearings

All series of rod ends and spherical bearings can be fitted with threaded bolts and used as angle joints. The bolt is pressed and riveted into the inner ring.
Serie SC: threaded bolts
Specification threaded bolts (..W)
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